"Haredim graffiti and cry
Over news Portman’s filming nearby.
That’s just the reaction
I’d guess for a faction
Who spit if they see any thigh."

Ultra-orthodox rally against Natalie Portman in Jerusalem

Posted Tuesday Feb 11 5pm  


"Some businesses gained a protection
Against the mandate’s imperfection.
It will not be seen
Until 2016
Right before the next U.S. election."

White House delays health insurance mandate for medium-sized employers until 2016

Posted Monday Feb 10 8pm  


"With the dawn of the Sochi snow games
Diplomacy’s gone down in flames.
Poor Merkel can’t laugh
At the new Nuland gaffe —
And the Ukraine disaster she claims."

Germans displeased by Victoria Nuland gaffe

Posted Friday Feb 7 7pm  


"For journalists, Sochi’s grand greeting
Was hotels with no web or heating.
Reporters complained
Of the pain they’d sustained
And took pleasures in outing it tweeting."

Journalists at Sochi are live-tweeting their hilarious and gross hotel experiences

Posted Friday Feb 7 1am  1 note


"Nadella is taking command —
An engineer out to expand.
Still, somewhat surprising,
Gates is tech advising
To maintain control of his brand."

Microsoft Names New Chief; Gates Becomes Adviser

Posted Tuesday Feb 4 2pm  


"New York says the Super Bowl will
Soon generate 600 mil.
The naysaying scoffs
Of some econ-taught profs
Means the run to 600’s uphill."

A Super Bowl Estimate With a Life of Its Own

Posted Monday Jan 27 10am  


"Two students saw tech imperfections
And simplified Yale’s course selections.
But both of these Yalies
Made New York Times dailies
As admins withdrew their objections."

Yale Students Tangle With University Over Website

Posted Wednesday Jan 22 2pm  1 note


"With Kosher food options forsaken
The Florida convicts are quakin’.
This issue annoys
When some inmates are goys
Who are suddenly quite anti-bacon."

You Don’t Have to Be Jewish to Love a Kosher Prison Meal

Posted Tuesday Jan 21 4pm  2 notes


"Today’s nominations were skewed:
With passion for “Llewyn” subdued.
There were, thanks to Russell,
Four actors from “Hustle,”
But Tom Hanks and Thompson got screwed."

‘American Hustle’ and ‘Gravity’ Lead Oscar Field

Posted Thursday Jan 16 9am  7 notes


"Poor Christie’s last State of the State
Came loaded with national weight.
An effort to handle
His aides’ traffic scandal
Saw Christie’s distinction deflate."

Scandal upstages Christie’s State of the State speech

Posted Tuesday Jan 14 9pm  

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